Airbus 310-322 aircraft with 16F and 180Y class Seat Configured for Wet Lease (ACMI) on the following conditions: 

Airbus 310-300 ACMI Rates:  (subject to prior  lease or withdrawal from the market)

  • (minimum 200 block hours per month) ACMI $4,400 per BH

  • For positioning and repositioning the a/c to OPS base will be $ 4,100

  • (min 250 BH/month) ACMI  $4,450  

  • (min 300 BH/month) ACMI  $4,350

  • (min 350 BH/month) ACMI  $3,990 

  • Overall minimum guaranteed operations per month must be  200 block hours.

Additional  charges: CREW per-diem _TBD_USD per crew member per day.  Minimum CREW 2 pilots + 1 cabin attendants for fifty pax  or 4 cabin attendants for 196 pax.

NOTE: ACMI rates are calculated for minimum CREW involved in operations. In case additional CREW will be required, the ACMI rate will increase accordingly.

Lease rate includes:

  • Aircraft

  • Flight crews and their associated salaries;

  • Maintenance support, including provision of ground engineers;

  • Aviation Third Part Liability Insurance;

  • Crew scheduling;

  • Operational flight plans

Lease rate excludes:

  • Fuel and oil;

  • Aircraft landing, handling, navigation and terminal charges;

  • Passenger and cargo handling;

  • Airport taxes, all passenger related taxes and security taxes;

  • Aircraft parking and ground security;

  • Ramp services including towing, push-back, de-icing, nitrogen and oxygen services

  • All dry goods, including but not limited to head rest covers, airsickness bags, blankets   and pillows;

  • ATC fees and all international route charges;

  • Catering for passengers and crew;

  • Cabin cleaning and water services;

  • Aircraft interior deep cleaning and exterior cleaning;

  • Airport security passes and permits, if required;

  • Overflight permits;

  • Custom taxes, immigration and inspection fees, import and export duty’s;

  • Landing and traffic permit and slots;

  • ID tickets (S1) on Lessee’s route for Lessor’s crew, or crew change (proceedings) all travel cost that will be charged to Lessee;

  • Hangar space when and where required by the Lessor for proper maintenance of the aircraft;

  • Crew and mechanics accommodation (min 4 star, single rooms (with breakfast) + laundry;

  • Transportation of Lessor’s crew and mechanics between hotel and airport;

  • Office space including telephone, fax, email;

  • Spare parts facilities (storage) including air conditioning;

  • One van for transportation of mechanics and parts;

  • Insurance – passengers, baggage, mail, cargo and war risk insurance;

  • Any additional cost reference to insurance coverage will be on Lessee’s account;

Any and all other reasonable direct operating costs, incurred in the performance of the flights whether or not listed above. 

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